"Two adjacent walls of tempered, kiln formed glass.
9' x 44'
Harnischfeger Industries, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kahler-Slater Architects, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Big Hall Glass Wall 1
Big Hall Glass Wall 2

With a dramatic location on Lake Michigan,
changing light and weather plays an
important part in these walls. The strong
patterns in the glass are an abstract
interpretation of the corporation, weaving
large mechanical elements, gears, and motion
throughout. Here, dawn's golden light acts
in warm contrast to the adjacent walls. As
with all my work in kiln formed glass, the
glass canvas, the irregular texture created
by the process, is an important design
element, setting off and making even more
startling the precise designs formed in
the glass.

Another look at a section of the
walls of tempered, kiln formed glass.

Big Hall Glass Wall 3

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